Best IOS Apps for Photographers and Bloggers


It’s not easy being a photographer, just as it is not easy being a blogger in this day and age. Photographing doesn’t just mean pressing the shutter button, just as blogging doesn’t just mean writing a few words in a blog post. If you’re not doing it right, then you won’t have any followers – and your blog will simply die.

By studying technology, however, I realized that not all technology is out to get you. Some apps out there can actually turn a “meh” photographer into a “wow” photographer. These are the ones I personally tried out at certain points and found very useful.

Google Earth


You’ve used it before, regardless if it was to see your own home or to stalk your ex’s apartment. Some people get so bored that they start inspecting isolated deserts on Google Earth just to kill some time. But did you know that this is also a good app for photographers to use? It helps you scout around for locations that will give you the best shot.

The Photographer’s Ephemeris

This app is very useful because it shows you how the lighting will fall on your chosen landscape on a chosen date. This way, you won’t get to your location only to realize there’s no sun to compliment your models.

Pocket Light Meter

This free app is very useful for calculating the exposure as a photographer. Why should you carry a separate light meter when you can just pull out your phone from your pocket?


If you want to retouch some photos on your mobile phone, then this app is certainly the best thing for you. You can remove blemishes, you can whiten your teeth, you can correct your red eye and you can reshape your face directly from your phone.

Lightroom Mobile


Every photographer has used Lightroom at some point in their life. Still, the mobile version of this app is also strong enough to bring some light into your photographs – literally.

My Aurora Forecast

Landscape photographers know the pain of having to plan for months if they even dream of catching the Aurora Borealis. This app will tell you exactly when and where this event will take place.


If you’re on the lookout for great locations, PhotoPills will tell you exactly how the weather will be, and how the moon and sun will shine on you on a certain date.

Dark Sky Finder

Some people like to take pictures of starts, but unless you know for sure they will be visible in the sky, going to a random location may be pointless. This app will help you find the “darkest skies” around, ones that have not been polluted by traffic lights and the sorts.

The Great Photo App

Those who want to learn the basics of photography will find great use in this app. Packed with interactive lessons and great learning tools, you can learn everything from lens selection to field depth and aperture.



There are several mobile editing apps there, but this one is definitely one of the most popular ones. Not only is it free, but it also has countless filters that you may easily use. Plus, you can adjust things such as contrast and light yourself.

Scene Scout

Have you ever gone scouting for locations only to come back home and forget what you’ve just seen? Well, Scene Scout will work like a diary – in the sense that it will allow you to gather details from your scouting sessions. You can also use this app to share those details on social media.


This is a very useful app if you are a professional photographer that is continuously visiting different countries. You register your gear here, and in case of theft, a potential buyer will be notified that the lenses were illegally obtained. You just have to mark them as “stolen.”

Posing App

Not every model knows how to pose, and it’s easy to run out of ideas – even as a photographer. If you’re into photographing people, this app will offer you some nice posing ideas for a successful photo shoot.

NOAA Hi-Def Radar


While there may be no shortage of apps that deliver the weather forecast, this is definitely the best for photographers. It will provide imagery that will allow you to protect your gear – as well as your models from the wrath of bad weather.


This upgrade to your phone camera will allow you to control exposure, timers, HDR, focus lock, and many other settings that you require great photos. Plus, this app also has video recording, which means that you may bring those pictures back to life.

Depending on the phone, you may not have enough space to install all of them – but you can try each of them out, to see which one you like best!