About Me

about me

Those who know me also know that I have many thoughts scrambling inside my mind, everything going left and right at a very rapid pace. For one, I’m very passionate about technology and web design. Sure, you see me scrolling on social media fairly often, but you will also notice I’m highly interested in how a page looks like.

It all started several years ago when I made my first blog. At that time, I was in high school, and I didn’t know much about the matter – just what I learned online. Eventually, however, I learned that if you remove or add certain sections of an HTML code, you could make your blog look a certain way. I was fascinated and kept creating themes, shuffling ideas – until I decided that I want to make a living out of this. As a result, I applied to college where I am currently studying technology and web design.

At the same time, I’m also an artist at the core – which is why I love to write whenever I can get the chance. By reading through my blogs, you’ll notice that I have an affinity for literature, technology – and also social problems. Furthermore, I’m the type of person you will always see with a camera in my hand – simply because I love immortalizing beautiful moments.

So, do you need some tips on how to get the perfect shot? Or do you want to discuss literature, arts, or anything tech-related? In that case, I’m the one you should go to with your question. Regardless if your interest is a hobby or strictly a profession, I will do my best to offer you some of my insight.

Plus, if you want to skip the talk, you can also read my posts. I try to cover as much as possible on a weekly basis – because as I’ve said, I can’t put the pen down.