Stocks and Scotch - the second beta

by finansakrobat

Oh man do we have stuff to talk about!

Howard Lindzon and me are ready for our second beta trial of our show Stocks & Scotch. This time with slightly less scotch (from my end), since we're shooting in the morning in Europe and around 11PM PST. Expect around 7AM London time. 

The show will air right here, so come back when it's closer.  

These are the topics we'll talk about: 

  • The outage by Nasdaq that just keeps on going and going and what it means
  • The shocking (or is it?) tweet from Carl Icahn (yes, we're on him again
  • The fragile five (some currencies and EM-stuff, yes)
  • Markets turning risk averse again
  • Taper, debt ceiling, troika review, elections in Norway/Australia/Germany - all ready for a crazy september
  • Use the comments to add topics. We'll add more topics as the broadcast approaches.

While you wait, you can watch the Hitler parody on Nasdaq outage (yes, they are really THAT fast):