Task Two: Feasibility Report


Executive Summary

This is a successful continuation of the first part with the support of experienced writers who helped me to write my essay. The purpose of the report is to inform the management of the need of the installation for the Mac OS X Server to the networks and systems of the company. This is due to its effectiveness in the performance of information technology duties that have been a challenge over the years. The company has been experiencing technical difficulties due to the use of inefficient and outdated server operating system versions; hence, the need to introduce the Mac OS X platform to the entity. Therefore, this report will focus on the proposal for the procurement of the server operating system/


The company has over the years utilized the Windows Small Business Server 2008 which was installed when the entity was being incorporated. Technological growth and advancement have enabled the entity to grow and expand its operations where it has clients globally. This means it has evolved from being a small business to a large corporation; hence, the need to incorporate some changes regarding its information technology sector. The previously used server is designed for small entities with clients not exceeding 75, but now the company has over 200 clients. Mac OS X Server is the best, in this case, since it can manage the large files and documents regarding the clients. The company has also been experiencing cyber insecurity issues where external attackers have accessed the company’s networks and systems leading to damage. This indicates the need for the implementation of a new server platform which will ensure critical information regarding the company and its clients is protected.

Project Proposal

The proposal, in this case, is the implementation and installation of the Mac OS X Server which caters to the needs of the entity since it has expanded to become a large corporation. The server is also crucial since it has security features that ensure the data and information in the networks are protected. This is because it is designed to limit access where the authorized personnel access the systems; hence, providing effective security measures. The management should also consider the procurement of the server operating system platform since the company possesses a wide variety of Apple products that are compatible with the server. The products have a Macintosh interface; hence, enabling the systems to accommodate the server. Another advantage of using the server is it is flexible; that is, can be manipulated by the users depending on the needs of the company. This means that the entity can upgrade the server when Apple releases a new version; hence, enabling the entity to stay updated.


The procurement of the server will require the entity to utilize some resources since Apple Company may charge some fees during the acquisition process. Apple’s online business store provides its business customers with a minimum of 20 licenses for the server. The price charged for the licenses is $29.99 where an additional $49.99 is charged for the maintenance contracts per license. Therefore, the company may acquire about 100 licenses to cater to the needs of its wide spread clients; hence, must set aside about $8,000 for the procurement process. The company may use the Apple hardware to download the server using its iTunes account where it can select the version, which suits the firm’s operations.


The Mac OS X Server will require the company to obtain additional Apple hardware which can be distributed to all the branch offices globally. This means that the firm should invest in more Apple products such as iPads, iPhones, and Apple computers to enable the employees to effectively manage the server. The products can also enable staff members to learn more regarding the server; hence, comprehending its operations. The management should also include other security measures such as the use of passwords and locks to limit access to the systems or the employment of security personnel. This would enable the management to effectively monitor and supervise the operations of the server.

Acceptance Signoff

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Therefore, from this study, one can comprehend the different server operating system platforms that can be utilized in the processing and management of data by companies. Server operating systems are examples of open-source technologies where the operating systems, in this case, run on servers installed in specialized computers. The computers are designed to cater to the needs and requests of clients operating on the network. Servers possess some features based on flexibility, affordability, and reliability that enable individuals and organizations to select the preferred systems.